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Tempcon’s subsidiary invests in a unique city truck

Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik, headquartered in Stockholm, continues to develop its range of vehicles. Now at the latest with a brand new distribution lorry from Mercedes-Benz with liftable roof. The unique design contributes to a better working environment and increased traffic safety, including extra large windows, cameras and radar systems.

The new vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz Econic with a liftable roof on the cabinet. The cabin is low-built, which makes it easier to get in and out. It is also easy to get out on the right side thanks to the door, which is reminiscent of the ones you have on buses, and the low floor. The large windows make it easier to see other road users and it is easier to make eye contact because the driver sits as low as in a bus. The Econic is also equipped with several cameras and radar systems that monitor the parts that are difficult to see in the rear-view mirrors.

– We constantly strive to develop and test new things, with our sights set on flexible, efficient and sustainable logistics, says Johan Nyblom, CEO of Widriksson Logistik. We have chosen the Econic because it is a vehicle that is perfectly suited for city distribution and makes high demands on the working environment and traffic safety, something that is very important to us.