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Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik signs a new agreement

Widriksson Logistik became part of Tempcon last summer and supplemented the Group’s well-developed distribution network with important last-mile transports. The company has now received an expanded assignment for BSH Home Appliances, with brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau. The transports refer to appliances and household products to construction sites and private individuals and involve more choices and better service for the recipients.

Widriksson has handled BSH Home Appliances’ transports to construction sites in Stockholm and Norrtälje since April 2019. The assignment for southern Stockholm is now extended in direct proximity to Widriksson’s centrally located distribution terminal and expanded with home deliveries to private individuals.

– We have a long experience of last mile deliveries to consumers from other large customers and with this assignment we are involved in developing BSH Home Appliances’ home deliveries, says Johan Nyblom, CEO of Widriksson Logistik. This means that we take a step forward in the customer’s value chain and create added value for both our customer and their customers.

Appliances and household products are fragile and must be transported carefully, which requires special knowledge. Construction deliveries are also sensitive to delays and it is crucial that the goods are delivered on time. Widriksson has therefore developed a specific transport flow for BSH Home Appliances that places extra high demands on efficient logistics, punctuality and careful handling of the goods.

For BSH Home Appliances’ customers, the collaboration with Widriksson means increased service in the form of more selectable time intervals for delivery, the possibility of carrying goods in the home and having the packaging removed, all for a better customer experience for the end consumer.

– We have worked closely with Widriksson for several years and choose to extend the agreement because we know that Widriksson is strong in home deliveries, which will lead to an improved experience for end customers, says Lejla Cerimagic, Logistics Process Manager, BSH. Widriksson also works dedicatedly with sustainability, which is important for us in choosing partners.

The appliances are loaded at BSH’s warehouse in Nykvarn, reloaded at Widriksson’s terminal in Västberga and planned out to the final consumer within 24 hours. The goods are loaded together with Widriksson’s other goods transports, which increases the efficiency of the logistics flows and reduces the total number of transports.