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The consolidation of Tempcon’s subsidiaries continues

From 1 January, Tempcon’s subsidiary Berneco Transport has been transferred to Klimat-Transport at the same time that Mörarps Frystransporter has been transferred to Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri. The purpose of the mergers is to take advantage of economies of scale and synergies between the companies.

When the operations in Berneco Transport AB were transferred to Klimat-Transport AB, they became a joint organization. Within Berneco Transport, there is extensive expertise and know-how regarding transport for the import and export of fresh products, which will now be used and further developed within Klimat-Transport for growth in the field of international transport. A total of seven people are transferring to Klimat-Transport. In connection with the transition of the business, Berneco Transport’s CEO, Jesper Rosén, terminated his employment.

The operations of Mörarps Frystransporter were also transferred on 1 January to Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri AB. There has already been a joint organization and now personnel, vehicles and other resources will be transferred to Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri. Mörarps Frystransporter was started as a sister company to Syd Frys and has been part of the Tempcon group since 2019. In total, there are 24 vehicles and 19 employees who transferred to Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri.

These mergers are a natural continuation of our consolidation work. In this way, the group can conduct more efficient operations and use the expert knowledge available in the organization in various areas.