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The Tempcon Group opens new terminal in Gävle

The Tempcon Group’s most nordic subsidiary Logex opens a new terminal in Gävle. In addition to strengthening the Group’s network of terminals across Sweden, the reason is a new large contract which, in addition to terminal operations, will involve increased distribution traffic in Jämtland and Gästrikland. That traffic will employ about ten vehicles from the start. Logex already works with the customer over large parts of Norrland and with the new agreement, they now cover an area for those who stretch from Tierp to Kiruna. Through the new agreement, the company has now also been given total responsibility in the area on behalf of the customer.

This will also be Logex’s sixth and southernmost terminal. The market already offers terminals and distribution traffic in Sundsvall, Skellefteå, Örnsköldsvik, Luleå and in Umeå, where the head office is also located.