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This year’s first newsletter is here

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Our Group CEO Christian Hallberg briefly summarizes the first months of the year.
In this year’s first newsletter, you can read about our continued growth journey. At the turn of the year, we acquired the historic Abbekås Åkeri with a history dating back to the 1920s. We are happy and proud that Abbekås has become a part of the Tempcon family and together we can continue to develop the business. Already during the first months, we have created several new collaborations within the Group. This creates value for both ourselves and our customers. We will continue our growth through new acquisitions of companies that complement our customer offering and at the same time share our values.

We are also growing through new exciting customer assignments. Our focus on offering fossil-free transport solutions has been well received in the market and we are pleased to be able to start several new customer assignments during the first half of the year. We offer several alternative and fossil-free fuel solutions such as biogas (LBG) and renewable diesel (HVO) as well as clean electric vehicles. We now also offer CO2-neutral terminal and transport services. This is done by climate compensation corresponding to the amount of CO2 that the assignment entails. Please read more about our environmental and sustainability work in the Sustainability Report for 2020, which you can find here.

As we grow, we also build a stronger organization. Both via internal as well as external recruitments. Group functions support our business operations so that we can continue to develop in several areas, such as sales, production, IT and sustainability.