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This year’s sustainability report has been published

The sustainability report for the financial year 2021 has now been published. The report is the Group’s fourth and we can also look back on a challenging year this year as a result of, among other things, the pandemic and its consequences. Rising fuel prices, component shortages and delayed deliveries of new vehicles are some of these. At the same time, we have continued to take important steps in our sustainability work to reduce our climate impact, stabilize the economy and work to become the best employer on the market.

For us at Tempcon, it is of utmost importance that we constantly challenge ourselves and develop our business models. Partly to contribute to a sustainable future with the least possible environmental impact, but also to meet the requirements and expectations that our customers place on us.

During the year, we continued the work of getting more electric trucks into operation at the same time as the proportion of gas cars within the Group increased. We have also seen several new solar panel plants put into operation at a couple of our terminals, which means that the production of own energy has increased. These are a couple of examples of major investments during the year, but a lot is also done in the daily work. Something that is at least as important as we all have to contribute to the important sustainability work.

In the report, you can, among other things, take part in how our CEO Christian Hallberg sums up the year and looks to the future as well as the CEOs of each subsidiary who give their views on the past year.

You can read our sustainability report here in Swedish. The English version will be published during week 17.