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Widriksson Logistik installs fast chargers in Västberga

As part of the continued investment in alternative power sources, Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik is now installing a fast charger for electric vehicles at its terminal in Västberga in Stockholm. This is done to ensure functioning charging infrastructure for their continued investment in electric vehicles. The charging station will also be open for public charging for companies and private persons.

The challenges with a functioning charging infrastructure are many and the number of electric vehicles is increasing all the time, which means that the need for fast charging is also increasing. Many people with electric cars need and see advantages in being able to charge more often and faster. With fast chargers, it takes between 15 and 45 minutes to charge most electric vehicles up to 80 percent — making charging quick and easy.

Widriksson Logistik has therefore invested in a new charging station with two charging points at the terminal in Västberga. The charger is placed so that it is possible for everyone to use it.

– This is part of our sustainability strategy, says Foed Meliane, CEO at Widriksson Logistik. We want to make it possible for more people to charge quickly and without fossil fuels, which benefits us, society and the climate. The electricity is a mixture of self-produced electricity from our own solar cells and electricity labeled Bra Miljöval that we buy.

Electric vehicles in combination with gas vehicles are the basis of Widriksson’s continued fuel and vehicle strategy, and diesel vehicles that run on HVO are therefore continuously replaced with electric and biogas vehicles.

The fast charger that Widriksson Logistik has invested in is of the type Siemens SichargeD 160kW, a scalable charger that makes it possible to connect more charging points to the same charger at a later time. The investment in the charging station has been made possible thanks to support from Klimatklivet.