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Widriksson’s delivery platform changes name

Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik, with headquarters in Stockholm, has for several years been a leading player in last mile transport but also in the development of digital solutions for the logistics and transport industry. Its digital business area Widrik Digital Solutions and Widriksson’s delivery platform WDDP are now changing names to Shyping. The name change is made to more clearly reflect the combination of logistics expertise and software development to optimize logistics processes for large and small companies.

The delivery platform Shyping is born from Widriksson Logistik’s long experience in complex logistics planning. After four years on the market, it is now a stand-alone SaaS product with applications that have changed the rules of the logistics game through optimized logistics processes.

By focusing on areas such as terminal management, traffic management and streamlining complex logistics, Shyping has not only increased Widriksson’s own productivity and efficiency, but also helped new customers outside of Widriksson to rationalize their logistics through real-time tracking, efficient route optimization and customer-unique delivery solutions.

– The name change marks a new era for us and the name Shyping is more than just a name, says Marcel Nemer, business area manager Shyping. It is about an obligation to be a leader when it comes to optimizing logistics processes and driving software development for the logistics industry. With Shyping, we want to clarify our endeavor to constantly reshape and improve logistics to create the best solutions for each individual need.

The name Shyping summarizes the business area’s core values ​​and its mission. Shy stands for the care and precision of logistics and transportation, while ping represents the constant pulse and monitoring that is critical to the success of logistics.