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You have to be kind to the little ones

Last week something different happened at Tempcon Norrland’s terminal in Luleå. When Mathias Kunze, who by day works as a transport coordinator, came to work, he discovered a family of ducks in the middle of the yard. An environment that may not be the best for them so a rescue operation was started.

What actually happened?
When I got to work, the mother duck and her eleven babies were standing in the middle of the yard. She was accompanied by a crow that tried to snatch one of her young and a truck that swerved around her. The family was obviously completely stressed.

What did you do?
I entered the terminal and picked up my colleagues Marco Cicero & Ardrian Frangaj. We managed to guide the duck family along the building and out at the gate. Then we went down the cycle path that goes right outside, through two pedestrian tunnels and up on the other side of Älvbrovägen. When we then arrived at Rudtjärn and the whole family could swim out on the water, they were probably as happy as we were that everything had gone well.