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Stage 1 of the expansion of Syd Frys freezer warehouse completed and inspected

Stage 1 of the extensive expansion of the freezer warehouse at Syd Frys has been completed and is ready for operation. This first important milestone demonstrates good progress in the construction project and also represents an improvement in our facilities for both customers and employees.

Since the groundbreaking in December 2023, work has been ongoing continuously to ultimately expand and streamline the freezer warehouse in Hyllinge. To make room for the new spaces, it is necessary to demolish the existing gatehouses. Now, following the completion of Stage 1, the new gatehouse with two docks is ready for use.

But it’s not just the gatehouses that have undergone changes. The administrative areas have also been improved and modernized. The office, dining room, and locker rooms have undergone extensive renovations and are now ready for use by our employees.

Stage 1 of the project included:

* Construction of a new gatehouse with two docks.
* Renovation of existing office, dining room, and locker rooms.

The new gatehouses and renovated facilities will be in use from March 25th.

The expansion of Syd Frys facility in Hyllinge is a major project expected to be completed in Q2 2025. Once the project is finished, Syd Frys will have a freezer capacity of 36,000 pallets, an increase from 16,000 pallets today.